Solar Electrification Project

Solar Electrification Project with Barefoot College (India)

2 women from one village, 6 women from three village in one group, selected twice a year and send to the Barefoot College in India to attend the 6 months solar engineering course and come back with the solar home systems for their villages.

Learning Solar Technology in Barefoot College(India)
  • Solar service technician for lifelong.
  • Sustainable livelihoods.
  • Rural electricity and rural development performed by over 60 years old women in village level.


  • Kyaik Hto and Bago Township.
  • Villages: Tawall Thaw Khamau Khwei Koka Htoun Taung
  • Households total: around 231

Ayeyarwaddy Region

  • Pathein and Yeikyi Township
  • Villages: Zaya Hsi Kanhin Thone Hsin Nat Pay Shan Su
  • Households total: around 390


  • Sin Baung We Township
  • Villages: Nyaung Pin Thar, Kyay Khine Ma
  • Households total: around 300


  • Kyauk Kyie and Than Taung Township
  • Villages: Sale ၊ Myat Ye Tie Piin ၊ Than Taung Kyie
  • Households total: around 450