2 women from one village, 6 women from three village in one group, selected twice a year and send to the Barefoot College in India to attend the 6 months solar engineering course and come back with the solar home systems for their villages.


  • Kyaik Hto and Bago Township.
  • Villages: Tawall Thaw Khamau Khwei Koka Htoun Taung
  • Households total: around 231

Ayeyarwaddy Region

  • Pathein and Yeikyi Township
  • Villages: Zaya Hsi Kanhin Thone Hsin Nat Pay Shan Su
  • Households total: around 390


  • Sin Baung We Township
  • Villages: Nyaung Pin Thar, Kyay Khine Ma
  • Households total: around 300


  • Kyauk Kyie and Than Taung Township
  • Villages: Sale ၊ Myat Ye Tie Piin ၊ Than Taung Kyie
  • Households total: around 450


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For village water supply, MWCDF contributed drinking water, setting−up new pipelines, building wells and donating water pumps in the following villages.

Mandalay Region

  • Mahar Myaing Village,Zayar Thukha (East) Village, Padatsarkone Village and Nat Saunt Village in  Taung thar Township, Myingyan Province
  • Thae Taw Lay Village in Meithila Township .


  • Donating water compressors in Sein Pan Khaing VIllage in Tatkone Township.


Mon state

  • ThaWawThaw Village in Kyaik Hto Township

Kayah State

  • Villages in Shartaw Township.




Donation to Flood Victims

 In year 2015,

MWCDF donated emergency aids to people in flood affected regions

Sagaing Region

  • Yay Lae Oo Ywar and Pauk Khon Villages in Kalay Township.

Chin State

  • Harkharlay Village and Khaing Kan Village in Tonzan Township

Magway Region

  • Yayzakyo Township and Pakokku Township

Bago Region

  • Oo Bo village and Kun Paung village in Taungoo township and Bago township.
Sending material goods to flood victims in Chin State


Donation to Fire Victims

Donated to people who are affected by fire outbreak in regions.


  • Labutta township

Bago region

  • Taungoo township


  • Balotenyunt village in Kyi Myaing Taing township 

Donating to victims from landslides.

In 2015, heavy rain caused landslide in Mawchi Mine in Kayah State and MWCDF sent necessary supports to victims in that area.


Lanslides in Mawchi, Kayah state

 Hakhalay village and Twikhaini zan village,Tonzan township, Chin state, 

MWCDF donated to disabled women in MaULayBin village in Naypyitaw .


First our foundation gave two cows to disable women to provide their incomes. Now the number has proliferated to 5 cows.


Before We Repair
After Repair 










Providing monthly supports to Ayemyitarsan (center for disabled children) in Hlaing thar yar township, Yangon Region.


School and Library Buildings Donation

women's dormitories  1


  • Sein Pan Khaing Monastic Vilalge in TatKone Township
  • Yadanar San Pya Monastic School in Ottarathiri Township
  • Aye Myit Tar San Monastic School in Potebathiri Township
  • Primary School in Ma U Lay Pin Village.

Mon State

  • Ywar thit village in Kyaik Hto township

Bago Region

  • Donating Preschool building in Sat lal village , Kyaukgyi township.


  • women's tailoring business in MaULayBin village,Ottarathiri Township.

Kayin State

  • In order to breed animals, donating chickens, goats and cows to Internally displaced people in Htawkokan village ,Narkhu township 

Mon State

  • donating sewing machines for women in Kyaikto Township 

Kayah State

  • Opening sewing training course in Shartaw village

 Mandalay Region

  • Donating sewing machines to women in Maharmyaing village in Taungthar township, Myingyin province,