International Relation

It has been three years that MWCDF has been doing works for the development of women and children across the country .We have aimed to transform into internationally recognized organization in the future.We collaborated with local NGO,INGOs and other international organizations to organize meetings, workshops ,seminars and other development projects. Some of the organizations we have worked together and shared experiences so far are as follow.
(a) Barefoot Collage, India
(b) Backstage Assest Management CANDA Foundation
(c) Care Myanmar (MWCDF, MPC, Care Myanmar)
(d) MCDI (Medical Care Development International)
(e) Association of Myanmar Disable Women Affair (AMDWA)
(f) UN Women(Senior Gender Advisor to Resident Coordinator Office)
(g) Lisu women’s network
(h) International Labour Organization (Myanmar)
(i) 8th APCRSHR Conference
(j) Mizuho Bank Co,.Ltd
(l) FTUM
(m) CUSO International (Canada)
(n) SEAGP & SEAOP (China)
(o) Myanmar First Financial Group
(p) Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK)


Signing MOU with Myanmar First Financial Group for office building