Who We Are?

The economic and social development for women and children play a crucial role in Myanmar as women and children constitute more than 50 percent of 51 million total population. Active participation of civil society is essential in democratic reform process of Myanmar as the country moves forward to a peaceful and modern society. Thus, Myanmar Women and Children Development Foundation has been founded on May 14th 2013 to improve the economic and social well-being of women and children in Myanmar. 


“A program of care and aid to Women” at Gynaecological Hospital,Myanmar

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Our Activities

Capacity Building

  • Democratic leadership training
  • English Courses
  • Women's and children's rights Promoting training
  • Health and Reproductive Health Training

Vocational Skills Development

  • Women are sent to India to learn solar engineering technology.
  • Tailoring, Embroidery, Handicrafts skill training courses to make extra income.
  • Agricultural and husbandry training
  • Domestic financial management and micro finance training
  • Civil Administrative Training (Community Governance)

Delivering Aids to People in Need

  • Conducting regional development research ,field studies and
  • project implementation in peace rebuilding zones and remote areas.
  • Reproductive health research field studies
  • Supporting stationaries to school going children.

Participating in Women and Children's Activities

  • Involving in Women and Children Development activities and campaigns by collaborating with local and international organizations